Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Flamenco Series by Mary Machare X of XVIII

Flamenco Series No. VIII


Number VIII from the Flamenco Series.
Whenever I visit southern Spain, I visit small penas (clubs) and cabarets that feature flamenco music and dancing. With its controlled movements and energy, the form fitting costumes, flamenco is fascinating to the artist and a never ending source of inspiration.

The Flamenco Series celebrates the genre of music, song and dance from the region of Andalusia in southern Spain. The genre is a blend of the Andalusian and Romani music styles and is recognized by its unmistakable rhythmic patterns and tones. Flamenco performances can be found in simple concert halls and small cabarets, as well as in penas in small towns.

As for the costumes, they can be found in Seville, the capitol of flamenco, where many designers of the beautiful dresses, shawls, fans and hair pieces can be found in little shops as well as department stores.

This photo was first manipulated, then built up with layers of textures on the background to highlight the dancer in the foreground.

Flamenco Series No. X


Flamenco... he wants her.
She may draw close, but then she turns away.
The passion of flamenco draws you in and leaves you wishing for more.

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